Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Island

It starts out with Ewan McGregor cutting in line. When somebody reasonably points out that fact, he rather smugly says, "That's right, I did." Then Ewan is able to get on an elevator, while the guy he cut off has to wait for the next one.

Which I guess shows that he doesn't play by the corporation's rules. He's a maverick or something. But why did the other clone have to suffer?

I wonder why they made the protagonist so unpleasant right from the get go? I haven't seen the end yet, but I hope the bad guys catch Ewan and harvest his liver.


Blogger Jordan said...

the island is one of those movies that could have been very good.
but wasn't. the epic action sequences were a little too much. i like both scarlett johansen and ewan mcgregor but even good actors couldn't save this one in my opinion.

a similarly themed movie which i actually enjoyed more was "the sixth day" - yes, the arnold schwarzenegger one. it was actually pretty cool. the problem with the sixth day is that they had a chance to end the movie perfectly and they didn't.

12:15 PM  
Blogger Joe said...

The Island is a dissapointing movie in a lot of ways. Like Jordan said, it had potential but blew it for Hollywood's money mania. I've rarely seen such cool new cars, and technological items in a movie. And just think that one day I too will be able to use most of those items that Ewen and Scarlett used.
The idea is a great science fiction idea and begs the questions: Where do souls come from? What is the value of one life over another? Where do memories come from?
Unfortunately all of the big themes were ignored for intense, exciting, but too much action. I would love to see this movie again done by different writers, a different director, and a smaller, maybe even "independent" production team.

4:56 PM  

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