Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Superbad, The Simpsons Movie, Evil Dead 2


There was a moment in the first ten minutes when I realized I wouldn't be disappointed with this movie. (Don't read the rest of this paragraph if you haven't seen it yet.) Jonah gets spit on by a bully and is told that there is a party he isn't invited to. Then the bully tells him to tell his fag friend, Michael, (sorry, I know its an ugly word, but it was an ugly moment), who is standing next to Jonah, that he isn't invited either. They both turn around and walk away with blank looks of humiliation on their faces. Jonah says to Michael, "I'm supposed to tell you that you aren't invited to a party tonight and that you are gay." (This is a paraphrase. No doubt it is much funnier on the screen.)

At that moment I wanted to find a print of the movie and give it a hug.

I'm a big fan of all three of Judd Apatow's recent movies - The 40 year old Virgin, Knocked Up and Superbad. I laughed more at these three movie than most movies, because I like the characters. I leave the theater feeling like I know them. Some people have complained that the movies feel sloppy and long. I think those people are correct, but I disagree about it being a problem.

I wish Apatow would make another tv show like Freaks and Geeks with Paul Fieg. His movies have characters that I want to revisit in different situations.

I would love a Superbad tv show.

The Simpsons Movie:
I would have loved this movie if it had been made ten years ago when I was a Simpsons freak, or if it was made now but the Simpsons had been cancelled ten years ago, and I looked back on the Simpsons with nostalgia. The movie just made me shrug, and even though I laughed often, it just felt like a somewhat good episode of the tv show.

Evil Dead 2:
There's this moment when the entire room of the cabin turns demonic. The mounted deer's head gets milky' evil eyes and starts laughing. The lamp bobs up and down. The doors open and shut. And Bruce Campbell, the hero, starts laughing like a maniac. Then he sees the desk lamp bopping up and down, and with a delighted look, starts to mimic the lamp. After about twenty seconds it all stops.

Good heavens I love this movie. When I haven't seen the movie for awhile, I wonder if I just like it because everyone else seems to. Am I poseur? All I can remember is cheesy scary stuff (although it is scary) and funny stuff that doesn't seem that funny when I recall it. But then I watch it again and I laugh and I'm scared. It's a really, really good movie.


Blogger wes said...

I agree completely about superbad, except that I think I may have liked it more than you. I left feeling like I had just seen the funniest movie of my life! I am not sure if a week later that is still the way I feel but I know its up there. One note if during 40 year old virgin or knocked up, you ever found yourself saying that this may be a tad too crass for me; then do not pay to see this movie. It is hard R to the very definition, the only thing it lacks to be NC 17 now is nudity. That being said I loved it and will be seeing it again this week so that I can refresh some of the hundred or so quality one liners.

2:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I haven't seen superbad yet but I was really intrigued by the preveiw. I loved Freaks and Geeks, it is ready sad that it only got one season. Superbad looks to be more of an extension of freaks and geeks than his other movies but I haven't seem it yet so I don't know. However, knocked up seems like the after high school story. Anyway, I am excited to see it.
I agree with everything you said about the Simpsons except that I haven't seen it.
last, I liked evil dead 2 but I loved Army of Darkness. It is probably in my top ten funny movies category.

12:51 PM  
Blogger Jordan said...

Saw Simpson's Movie and I think Bryan's summary is pretty fitting. I loved Simpson's for the first five or six years or so but it slowly started decline after that - although I never wanted to admit it.

5:42 PM  

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