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Just saw this with the whole family. And loved it. Here it is, I'm gonna come out and say it... I think Brad Bird is the next Hayao Miyazaki. Hold on, let me clarify. Of course they have very different styles and interests. But they also both have remarkable storytelling genius, wonderful attention to their otherworldly details, and all combined with genuine affection and benevolence. And every single thing that either one of them has done is a blasted masterpiece. Granted, this is only Bird's third film, but is there any other director that is 3 for 3 like he is? Lassetter, Stanton, Docter, and the others at pixar are great too, but I personally think Mr. Bird is The Shiz, as in the Army of, whom no one could stand against.

With this film, though, I'm not sure how interested kids are in it, at least the younger ones. It is about rats which is cool to them, but it's also mostly about cooking and relationships and intrigue, which is less interesting. At least my kids were wanting it to be over after an hour. But what a treat for the older folks. Intelligent, hilarious, great music... see it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't see the incredibles because it really looked lame to me. The animation style and the idea just looked cheap to me. Also I wasn't in the habbit of seeing kids films. Finally my friend made me watch it and I was pretty stunned, on all accounts. It turns out that this is a movie where everything works perfectly. I just don't think they marketed any of it's genuis well. Or maybe every scene has such context that you can't get it in a small trailer clip. That's how I feel about the Ratatouille trailer. It's doesn't look that great but I am excited to see it because of Bird. One movie that I thought looked amazing in the trailer and amazed me in the theater as well was "The Triplets of Bellville". I think it's right up there with Brad bird's stuff and it's 95% dialogue free. That's a tough sell. I wonder if Bird will ever do a live action? I thought the spy stuff alone in The Incredibles was better than anything the Bond franchise has offered. By the way, one of my favorite directors Marc Forester, is doing the next Bond movie. Paul Haggis is writing it as well (which I have mixed feelings about).

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Blogger Brandon said...

Yeah, I thought the same about the trailer. Nothing particularly funny or exciting in it. And especially how they keep saying "Disney-Pixar". Makes it sound like it'll be lame if Disney's involved. But last week when I read Bird was directing, I knew I'd be there opening day.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Pixar. They have not let me down yet. Although, I must admit that I was a little concerned for Ratatouille. The initial previews I saw did not look too interesting to me. And the fact that Pixar was officially joined to disney in this venture was a little dispiriting. However, one of the things that was encouraging was the fact that now that disney and Pixar have joined hands Pixar is in charge of all animated movies being produced by disney. Meaning that for a movie to be made it has to cross the desk of John Lasseter first. This must be due to that fact that in order for disney to buy Pixar they had to give Steve Jobs stock. So now Steve Jobs is the majority share holder for disney. That guy is a genius. And this is the perfect opportunity for me to share with everybody how awesome apple computers are. In fact as a testiment to my belief in them I am writing this on an iPhone and it is worth every penny. Incidently, Pixar was originally owned and operated by George Lucas as part of Lucas Arts, but he couldn't make it make money so he sold it to Jobs who with John Lasseter made it what it is today.

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Blogger Jordan said...

We went to see it on Saturday but had to leave early. It's not a good movie for a sixteen month old. We saw probably 45 minutes of it. I liked what I saw but not as much as The Incredibles.

Also Iron Giant by Brad Bird is amazing.

By the way, did you guys know that the voice of Edna Mode in the Incredibles is done by Brad Bird. He's a pretty funny guy.

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