Monday, May 28, 2007

28 minutes later

28 minutes after seeing 28 weeks later and I am still really shook up. It was really intense and it definately got my adrenalin going. In fact my heart is still beating. I don't think that it is the scariest movie I have ever seen but with the momentum of the movie it really got me worked up. After leaving the theater I couldn't help but think of all the people around me as zombies. Anyway, I didn't find it as satisfying as 28 days later. 28 days later had great structure and kept me thoroughly involved, plus I liked the happy ending. It seems that all zombie movies end with everybody dying and turning into zombies. So 28 days later was kind of nice. There were a few things with the plot that I didn't like with 28 weeks later. I think security would have been a bit tighter and there were other ways around it but over all I think the movie accomplished its mission.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really like the first film too. It had a really great feeling to it. Almost like a poetic horror movie. I thought it kind of lost it's charm at the military compound however. The trailer looked like it would be more of what I didn't like. I heard two reviewers argue about this movie. They both loved the first one, and one of them liked this one better than the first. The other hated it. They fought the entire show over it. Did you think it was more than just a good time at the movies?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well... it was definately better than most zombie movies, although it did fall into some of the same pitfalls. And I agree the first one was great up until the military compound and then it seemed to loose a little. However, the military stuff from this one was not like the military stuff in the first one. In fact, it was kind of cool. I liked seeing how the world tries to recover from an incident like that. There were some holes. So it is hard to say if it is more than just a good time. I think it is. But I think it could have been better. Regardless, it is a fun movie to watch if you want a scary, thrilling, zombie movie. I mean who doesn't want that?

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Blogger Bryan Summers said...

I loved this movie.

I wasn't crazy about the first one. The fact that the main character all of a sudden turned into Rambo at the end sort of ruined it for me.

But what I loved in the first movie were the moments in London at the beginning. As soon as they left London i was bored.

The sequel I enjoyed more because it was like the first ten minutes of the first movie, stretched to two hours. there were plenty of scary and surprising stuff. And the part in the London Underground . . . holy crap.

I don't want to give anything away but this movie did scare me.

Also it set up early on that anyone could and would die. So I never felt any characters were safe.

I highly recommend this movie.

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