Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Queen

Finally, a good movie. I thoroughly enjoyed the Queen. I found the story quite fascinating. Helen Mirren did a great job and probably desrves to win the Oscar, however, I have only seen one other nominee. It was a much more interesting look at the life of royalty than Curse of the Golden Flower (but with a lot less cleavage). Apparently, all the stuff that was having to do with the royals was shot on 32mm whereas all the Tony Blair stuff was shot 16mm. This created kind of a nice contrast between tones of the two classes. Interesting idea. Anyway, I found the movie to be both educational and entertainging.


Blogger Drew said...

Seth, I can't see it. I was so bored in this. Where is the tension, irony, subplots? I didn't get any nuance, flavor, or theme and variation. I am not a sophisticated movie watcher but I can't think of one good moment. (Ok, I did like when the Queen got stuck in the river and talked to the deer.) I thought this would make a mildly watcheable short at best. I realize a film like this has to work on subtleties and undertones. Maybe they were too subtle for me. What am I missing?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been having trouble logging in because the website made me switch to a google account, which has caused me some trouble. Anyway, I am back ready to defend myself. Actually, I can understand why one may not get to interested in this film. But didn't it seem crazy how much attention her death got. People were crying and camping out and all other crazy stuff. The sad thing was that she technically wasn't even part of the Royal Family. In addition to that she wasn't really that good of a person, apparently she had a number of affairs while married to Prince Charles. Prince Charles probably had affairs too but still, some people were saying she should be given sainthood. The other irony of her death was that Mother Teresa died a few days after her and did not receive any press at all. That is sad. So, I felt the movie showed really well how crazy the situation really was. Also, I find the Royal Family interesting and getting an idea of what they do was kind of nice.

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