Friday, January 12, 2007

The Good Shepard

This is a long movie in which it doesn't seem like much happens. I didn't dislike this movie but I feel it could of been a lot better. I am very interested in the CIA having played a number of video games in which I have either been part of the CIA or fought against them and it has always resulted in a good time. This movie was not such a good time. I have no problem with taking the action side out of espionage but in return I want some other pay off. This movie only had a couple of those moments and they were not very satisfying. I could not figure out why Matt Damon's character stayed with the job and what he did in the first place to earn it. He never seemed to enjoy what he was doing or get any satisfaction out of it. And after the initial sting he didn't seem to do that much that was out of the ordinary to show what a genius he was. My last complaint is that Billy Crudup's english accent was a bit annoying. I realize it sounds as if I hated it, but I didn't. I just wanted to be better.


Blogger Drew said...

I saw Coppola was a producer on this so I have been wanting to see it, however nobody seems to really like it. I don't think actors make the best directors anyway. Also I think DeNiro is pretty bad at picking stories on his own, or maybe his problem is that he likes every script he reads, like Christopher Walken.

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