Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Lonesome Jim

Boring. I really like Steve Buscemi and I thought he played a great director in LIving in Oblivion, but Lonesome Jim didn't reaaly work for me. I think I like Casey Affleck. I have only seen him in a couple things but I thought he was funny, but in this his character was sooo anti-charisma. He never did anything until the very end and by that time I did not care anymore. Anyway, you get the idea.


Blogger Jordan said...

The film is pretty bleak. Very funny in parts but so dang cynical. The ending actually made me mad. It's one of the worst examples of a cop out ending ever. First there's the heavy handed thematic speach to the girls basketball team and then the thematic lesson learned V.O. of a letter to his mom. But the reason it really bugged me is that for the first hour and twenty five minutes the movie succeeds in its attempt at being completely unsentimental and dry as a bone.

2:35 AM  
Blogger Drew said...

I thought Buscemi was pretty brave in making this movie so sparse. You would have to be really confident that people will find the tension or the humor or the irony. Maybe the audience shouldn't have to work this hard. I think Casey Affleck is going to break out soon with the right role however.

Another film with a similar tone is Bubble. Humor, tension, & irony are nicely layered in it. I liked it alot.

7:00 PM  
Blogger Jordan said...

I agree about Casey Affleck. I like him.

12:52 AM  

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