Saturday, September 08, 2007

King Of The Hill

Bryan's post about The Simpson's Movie made me think of my new favorite cartoon - King of The Hill.

A few years back I saw Office Space (written and directed by Mike Judge) and subsequently decided i needed to really give King Of The Hill a chance. Well let's just say since that time, my flirtation with said animated series has blossomed into an abiding love.

Consistently excellent writing and perfect characters are the norm with king of the hill. if you haven't yet seen the light (propane fueled of course) i highly recommend you take a chance.

one of my favorite episodes is from season 6. It's called, "Joust Like A Woman." Hank, Peggy, and Bobby visit a Renaissance Faire where Hank is trying to sell his wares and Peggy takes a job as a wench. Alan Rickman guest stars and is hilarious as King Philip.


Blogger Brandon said...

Jordan can chalk me up to his list of converts to King of the Hill. I spent years avoiding them, thinking that it was more along the lines of South Park or an animated version of "Married, with Children", but Jordan lent me season 3 and put me straight. I'll have you know, Jordan, that I've got it set on the DVR and even Kara watches it with me.

My favorite episode so far is when Hank invites Dale and Nancy to go to a fancy dinner at That's Amore, and it rekindles their marriage, much to the dismay of John Redcorn.

10:53 AM  
Blogger Bryan Summers said...

Yeah, I'm a huge King of the Hill fan. My favorite episode is the Thanksgiving episode where Bobby finds out that America used to belong to the Native Americans

8:15 PM  

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