Sunday, March 05, 2006

Running Scared

I want to take this time to mention that I've always thought Paul Walker was a good actor. Unfortunately, I have no corroboration because I've always been to embarrassed to admit it. Now I'm kicking myself because he's really, really good in the movie and I'd like to rub everybody's nose in that fact.

That being said, the movie has two amazing scenes. A lot of pretty good scenes and a whole lot of annoying Avid farts. (The internet critic Vern made up that term to describe when a movie suddenly wooshes or has choppy editing for no reason.) I would have enjoyed this movie a lot more if it didn't have such nutty editing. I don't want to give the great scenes away, but they are so creepy and come out of left field.

Also Paul Walker is Mormon, so support LDS cinema by seeing it.


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