Thursday, September 13, 2007

Movies I saw in Eastern Turkey

I got to spend about a week in the cities of Dyabakir and Batman in eastern Turkey. I saw a lot of movies in the heat of the afternoon. It didn't matter if I wanted to see them or not. I didn't particularily want to see The Hitcher or Shooter, really. But it was so hot that I would have seen Bratz if it was playing there.

The movies I saw were Ocean's 13, Breach, The Hitcher, Shooter, Zodiac and Bug. I would have seen Shrek 3 and Pirates of the Caribean 3 but they were dubbed in Turkish. The Hills Have Eyes part 2 didn't come out till the weekend after I went home.

They shut down the movies without showing the end credits. I didn't get to see the ending of Zodiac where it tells what happened to all of the characters.

Ocean's 13 came out in Turkey the same weekend it came out in the United States.

In the city of Batman, the movie theater would only show a film if there were three audience members. So every day that week I'd go to the theater to see Breach and every day they would turn me away. Finally they showed pity on me. I'm glad they did. It was a good movie.


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