Saturday, March 31, 2012

I Am Number Four

Perhaps the most surprising thing about this movie is that it's actually watchable. I had stayed away from it previously just because it had that B movie/straight to DVD feel from the trailers. But as one of my co-workers was saying last year, it can sometimes be a nice treat to indulge in those types of films that are so easily dismissed by the majority:

So I eventually indulged. After all, I love a good Sci-fi flick and can forgive some flaws for the sake of the genre.  As I said above, the movie was surprisingly watchable and despite some iffy special effects, I found that this movie did maintain a certain charm. I wasn't sure why, as there was a lot of potential pitfalls here, from the stereotypical high school scenes to the leads certain twilight-ish persona.

So why did I like it? At first I was attributing this to Timothy Olyphant, who delivered a fairly solid performance but it goes beyond that. In the end I decided that although the story was nothing spectacular, the movie held it's own through just mostly solid pacing and it's decent performances.

So, nothing stellar here but well worth a viewing if you enjoy Sci-fi and as I said, and easy watch to pass the time.


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