Saturday, February 11, 2006


Jarhead is a statement for the deglamourization of war and violence. And it succeeds. It was a nice movie...definitely feels epic and drives it's point home. Wars are not glamourous and for most part suck... The movie is summed up nicely by the voice over of the narrator - 'Every war is different, Every war is the same'

Jake Gyllenhall gives a really good performance and so does Jamie Foxx. Peter Sarsgaard's character is under developed or cut up and his character arc is kind of confusing. The use of music is really cool and the sound design is definitely something to be appreciated. The cinematography was really nice especially after the oil wells are lit up and the editing is nicely paced.

If you are looking for exciting action set pieces this is not the movie for you. Look somewhere else - pick up a mindless action blockbuster. Recommended Watch.


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