Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Chronic-what-cles of Narnia

The Chronicles of Narnia took me to a dreamworld of magic, and I must admit that one vehicle that helped take me there was Tumnus's nappy body hair. Allow me to explain. I love the C.S. Lewis books, and was a bit worried that the movie wouldn't be sayisfying (as I felt with all Harry Potter movies). However, Narnia felt real, and the movie made me want to pack my family and move there almost as much as the book did. I loved the landscapes, the beavers were amazing, and Tumnus's body hair made everything more believable. I'm glad they didn't try to make him stately or beautiful, and I loved him for the same reason Lucy did--not for his pasty skin, but for being the first friend in Narnia and for making it all believable.

Aslan was great, the queen was evil and scary, and the adaptation was tastefully cinematic. I don't totally remember if Peter's acting bugged me, but maybe it did. But let's be nice--they're just kids. Overall a delightful movie that I would love to see again (and take my kids to if they were old enough).


Blogger Bryan Summers said...

Yeah, I was surprised how much I liked it. Fantasy films have always left me cold, but I really enjoyed this one.

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