Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Safety Last and Slither

Safety Last: I'd seen pictures of Harold Lloyd hanging from a clock since I was probably seven years old and always kind of wanted to see it. But the first time I came across a Harold Lloyd move was last week at the Orem library. So watching this movie was a fulfilling of a childhood wish. Sort of like watching Porkies which I talked a lot about with my friends and finally saw at seventeen. Porkies was a disappointment. Safety Last was not. I think it's as funny as Chaplin and Keaton. The only silent film I think that's funnier is Steamboat Bill Jr. (BTW, I think the Chaplin vs. Keaton debate is worthless. They're both funny. Period.)

I watched Safety Last with my three year old son. About thirty minutes into it, he pointed to Harold Lloyd and said, "That's me." Ten minutes later, he stood up, ran into his bedroom and grabbed his Harry Potter glasses in order to look like Harold Lloyd. I was a proud papa.

Slither: This is about as good as a mutant slug movie can be. And I don't mean that as a backhanded complement. I enjoyed this movie more than Brokeback Mountain, Lost in Translation, and 8 1/2. And those were films that I kind of liked and thought were kind of brilliant. But I can't help who I am. I like movies with mutant slugs more than movies about world weary people staying at hotels.
If you saw the trailer and thought, this movie seems kind of fun, then you will love it. But if, instead you said, "No way." Then you might not like it so much. I jumped a lot and I laughed a lot. It's the first movie of 2006 that I loved.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I completely agree with your veiws on Harold Lloyd. I am not as familiar with his films as I am with the "other two" but I have seen a couple and found them to be quite a lot of fun. And I also agree that there is no reason to debate which comedian is better. They all are brilliant. My favorite of the Keaton movies is College. Some times I will think of certain scenes of that movie and break out into a smile at inappropriate times, like when people are giving long prayers and my mind starts to wander. I haven't seen Slither but based upon its reviews I am beginning to think that I will see it.

11:45 AM  
Blogger Bryan Summers said...

I'll check out College. That sounds pretty good.

2:07 AM  
Blogger Jordan said...

I saw a Harold Lloyd movie in a class at BYU - Film History. I can't remember the name but I thought he was hilarious.

1:34 AM  

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