Thursday, March 16, 2006

Night of the Hunter

I'm just recommending this movie if you havn't seen it. I recently revisited it and found it to be very current stylistically. The themes hold up very well and its an easy watch if you're getting bogged down in challenging films. If you havn't seen it, enjoy it now while in it's purity before it gets remade. You can easily see it's influences on modern thirllers. Here is a quick synopsis.
Ben Harper has committed murder for $10,000. He hides the money and makes daughter Pearl and son John promise not to tell anyone where it is hidden, not even their mother Willa. In prison and awaiting hanging, Ben meets his cellmate, the Preacher, who tries unsuccessfully to get Ben to reveal where he stashed the money. When Preacher is released from prison he heads for the Harper home, intent on finding the money. Preacher charms Willa and wins her hand in marriage, only to kill her when she learns what he is really like. With only Pearl and John separating him from a small fortune, the Preacher unleashes the full force of his true, evil self.


Blogger Bryan Summers said...

Yeah, I loved Night of the Hunter. Especially a couple of scenes. The body in the car at the bottom of the lake. And also the scene where the kids float down the river, and there is some kind of lullaby in the background.
Beautiful stuff.
I should rent this again.

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