Thursday, July 13, 2006

aarrrghhh I put me peg leg in another pirates booty

So it was only a matter of time before one of us posted about pirates de la carib so here I go. It was pretty good, overall I liked the first one better. Its a better story barbosa is a far better villan than davey jones. The visuals in the movie a nearly flawless they just throw too many in. I think it was about 20-30 minutes too long also. There's a sword fighting scene that is dreadfully long. I also feel that they did way too much cheesey humor in this one, not sparrow's personality as in the first. Its rather juvenile in parts and I thought that took away from depp's portrait of sparrow.

One more thing about this flick I wish Orlando Bloom would go away because he blows! Hard! The guy sucks as an actor look at legolas and see that its the character everyone loves not the manaquin from heaven that is good there, I loathe him. Frankly keira knietly (sic) sucks also, but at least depp saves the day.

Any movie that makes the obscene amounts of cash this one is can't suck and it certainly doesn't see it you'll like it and you'll probably leave as I did excited for three because it looks like it will be the best of the 3 to me, and don't bitch about the ending that part is perfect.


Blogger Bryan Summers said...

I agree with everything in the post. The end was perfect. It was way too long. And the humor was weak. Except that I disliked the movie more than I liked it. I was bored a lot more than I was interested. It wasn't as bad as the Matrix part two, but I had that same sinking, I'm-not-having-a-very-good-time-why-isn't-this-more-fun feeling.
The visuals were great though.

12:05 AM  
Blogger Tommy said...

You said it Wes. The sword fighting scene was just plain absurd. And they should have shaved 20 min off the film.

I have to admit I did enjoy some of the comedy on cannibal island. The humor was corny but I found myself laughing along with the rest of the 10 yr olds.

I did like the darkness of the film, it was darker that the first.

Spoiler: For those of you who have heard to stay 'till the end credits to see an additional scene it not really worth it. It's just a clip of the dog sitting on the throne with while the cannibals dance around the fire they are going to cook him with. Not worth the ten min wait.

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