Wednesday, December 20, 2006

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Stranger than fiction

About Films
I really like this film and I consider it one of my favorites of the year. I must say that the trailer really left me uninterested but the blend of drama and humor worked really well for Will Ferrell much like The truman show did for Jim Carrey. The plot was something out of Charlie Kauffman's scrap pile. It feels like Charlie came up with this story idea, toyed with it and decided there was no way to make it work and then handed it off to Marc Forrester. Marc Forrester has had a few genius moments in his last few films. There is a brilliant scene here where Will Ferrell is talking to Maggie Gylenhaul on the bus. It happens to be a two car accordian bus and Ferrell is sitting right at the bend. His seat floats in and out as the bus turns corners. It beautifully expresses Ferrells character for the scene as he tries to pick up on Maggie. Visually, this was one of the most exciting, and funny, scenes I have scene in a movie.