Friday, June 02, 2006

A giant thank you to Jordan

Jordan and I work together and tonight he informed me that he had a gift for me, it was a $1.00 double feature DVD he got at Reams because he knew how much I love horror films and the jacket had some decent photos on it

Basically now I have a new favorite movie of all time, replacing Snatch. Dr. Tarrs Torture Dungeon, this movie rocks! It's actually good, performances that are decent freaky ish going on through out the entire thing. It's real grainy which fits the mood perfectly, the only down side to it is that they occasionally use some uber-cheesy sound effects other wise it would be a ten.

I am yet to watch the second feature which is titled Dr. Butcher M.D., I am not nearly as excited about it but the back had some quality gore so who knows. The bottom line is that for a buck Jordan made me very very happy


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