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Munich, Nobody Knows, Clan of The Cave Bare


I liked it. I think if I saw it in the theater during oscar season with all the hype surrounding it I would've found more faults in this one. But overall i liked the movie - not a "best picture" by any means but a good film.

Nobody Knows:

directed by Hirokazu Koreeda. he also did "After Life" which I love. "Nobody Knows" is a beautiful and tragic film based on a true story about a woman who abandons her four young children in Tokyo. Koreeda has a way of making a slow moving film watchable and interesting in all it's mundane moments.

Clan of the Cave Bear (1986):

I had no idea that this film existed until a friend told me about it recently. It stars Daryl Hannah as a cro-magnon woman living amongst neandrathals. it's the type of movie that if watched in a large group will be made fun of the whole time (MST style). Watch it by yourself or with a small group of people that aren't trying to be funny and it's an awesome film. Trust me, it could have been much worse. Besides there are so few serious movies about the conflict between neandrathals and cro-magnons making this one a precious gem.
I really loved it in spite of it's weirdness (and probably because of it).


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I enjoyed Munich until about an hour and a half into the film when I realized that the movie still had an hour and a half left. My problem with this being such a long movie is that the movie doesn't really progress. It is just scene after scene of scene of the same thing. It is as if Speilberg shot all of the scenes and couldn't decide which to keep and which to cut so he put them all in. Too Long! Had the movie been 1 hour and 45 minutes I think I would have really liked this movie. I thought the cinematography was great. The art direction was terrific. And the idea of a group of men going around killing people is cool. But without a good structure these things can just get tedious. Speilberg, I think, gets to feeling a little self-important and thinks that he has to make all his movies really long.
Nobody Knows on the other hand is really great. Kore eda's ability to make a subtle and interesting film is remarkable. And I am sure you all know my bias toward the Japanese.
Clan of the Cave Bear? or Bare? This is a movie I saw as a little kid but now I remember very little about it. I find it interesting that those chose Darly Hannah for the part but I guess she was popular back in the 80's. And, you are absolutely right, movies about CroMagnon Man are not very common.

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Blogger Drew said...

What is Munich about? Decaying morals, desensitization of violence...the do's and don'ts of dealing with a god complex? Lots of people praised the film last year but nobody really talked about it. There were some terrific scenes in the film but the narrative was driven by the action. Going from job to job, these guys had some harrowing and interesting experiences, but then towards the end it becomes a human drama and I don't think the audience had learned to invest in the characters in that way. As an example: The "climax" of this film was a sexual climax, (not an action one) with Eric Bana having violent flashes during sex. Although this scene deepened the film, it just didn't work for me. The production quality was top notch and felt very authentic. I thought the casting was very nice. Eric Bana used to be on a sketch comedy show in Austrailia kind of similar to SNL. He obviously has some range as an actor.

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Blogger Bryan Summers said...

Eric Banna was amazing in Chopper. Anybody see that? I've been waiting a long time for a film to show that side of him again.

I read Vengeance, the book Munich was based on. The book is great. The movie not so much. For instance the scene where they shoot the female assasin was in the book, but the fact that they refuse to cover up her naked body wasn't.

Of course movies don't need to adhere to the book too much or at all, but this took me out of the movie because Speilberg and Tony Kushner were ham-handedly pushing their viewpoints that vengeance kills the soul. (Something I agree with. And even if I didn't, quit beating me over the head with it.)

Also the movie was boring.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with the other comments and I have just a comment on Eric Bana. Has anyone seen The Castle? I believe it was the first movie Eric Bana was in and he only has a small part. lf you have not seen it you should check it out it is really great.

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Blogger Tommy said...

Clan of the Cave Bear is a much better story than film. When you step back and look at the gender themes, the struggle for power among the clan, and the underlying spirituality it is quite an interesting story. But if you look a the film as just entertainment it comes up lacking.

You gotta watch this one with a grain of salt.

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