Friday, August 04, 2006

What I saw last week

These are the movies I saw last week. They are in order of most favorite to least favorite. (I'm a little embarrassed that I enjoyed Benchwarmers more than The French Connection, but if I can't be honest with this group, who can I be honest with?) I won't comment on all of the movies.

Bad Day at Black Rock: The best part of a gunfight in film is the tense moments before it happens. The holy-crap-it's-going-down feeling. This movie is an hour and a half of that tenseness. I think Spencer Tracy is the best film actor ever. Period.

The Cowboys: If more kids had died, I think it might have been my favorite movie of the week. The end seemed like a big cop-out to me. But of course it's a family movie.

Clerks II: My new favorite Kevin Smith movie. The donkey scene went on way too long though, and there is one shot that made my gord rise.


The Benchwarmers: God help me, I laughed. There is a surrealness to Adam Sandler movies that appeals to me. And this movie has that in spades. Sure there are too many fart jokes, but the moment when the coach on the opposing team loses and punishes himself by giving himself a titty twister, the movie had won me over.

The Public Enemy: White Heat and Angels with Dirty Faces are better but this is still pretty good. James Cagney seemed a little stiff. He didn't really know where to put his hands. He got much better in later movies.


The French Connection: This would probably have more of an impact when it came out. I suspect that I've seen too many French Connection rip offs to make the original seem fresh. Not the movies fault but there you go.


Blogger Drew said...

I watched the first ten minutes of Mirrormask and then I burst into laughter and turned it off. I pretty much laugh whenever I think of those first ten minutes. Trajedy + Time = comdedy. The more time passes, the funnier it gets. Thanks MirrorMask!

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