Sunday, July 23, 2006

Recent Films

Tales From The Gimli Hospital - If Guy Maddin is "The Canadian David Lynch" then this is his Eraserhead. It was like watching an Icelandic night mare filled with disturbing images many of them you don't know why they're disturbing. Anyway that's how my nightmares are. I liked The Saddest Music in the World better but this one's worth a watch especially if you're a Lynch fan and more specifically a fan of Eraserhead. It's got some pretty funny stuff as well.

Forbidden Games - I'm referring to the Rene Clement's 1952 French version here. Not the 1995 version that looks to be soft core porn according to the profile on IMDB.

With that clarification aside, this film is set during WWII as German planes are bombing France. It follows the daily activities of two kids dealing with the death and destruction around them. Paulette's parents and dog are shot down in the first couple minutes and she wonders the countryside holding her dead dog until Michel finds her and brings her home to his family consisting of an abusive tyrant of a father who is feuding with their rural neighbors. Michel helps Paulette create a cemetary for her dog in an abandoned mill but Paulette's not satisfied. Her dog will be lonely buried without anyone else so more work needs to be done.

It's an interesting film that successfully marries stark realism in a fairy tale like fable. Probably because it's seen through the eyes of the children.

Orange County - For some reason I never wanted to see this when it first came out. I got the feeling that it was a teenager/party movie. I think I didn't know about Mike White at the time and felt that Jack Black was good but not good enough to carry a bad movie as a side character (i.e. Airborne - he's great in it but it still sucks). Anyway I watched it the other night and really liked it. I thought it was fun, clever, and appropriately sweet. The dysfunctional family that has redeeming qualities gets old at times but I liked it here.

Gods And Generals - Thankfully the DVD didn't work on side B so I only was able to watch the first two hours of this most rechid worshipping of the romantic and noble civil war south. Completely boring and self important at the same time, Gods And Generals managed to make the most intriguing war in American history seem silly by attempting to make it seem so important.

Even Robert Duvall couldn't save it.


Blogger Bryan Summers said...

I was really charmed by Forbidden Games. When my son is about eight I'm going to try watching it with him. I suspect(although I'm not certain) it would really interest children.

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