Friday, July 21, 2006

Lady in the Water

So as stated earlier I would probably let M. Night Shyamalan touch my bikini area so I will admit this movie could have come with a free case of Herpes and I still would have liked it but I loved this film. I cant really think of anything I disliked about the film. Shyamalan does a good job acting, and Giamatti is phenomenal.

I can see where some people may not care for the film in the same way some dont like the village (In my opinion his worst film). You cant go expecting a scary movie with twists, you have to know its a fairy tale, one with a moral point. Its about the concept that it is vital to us that we have ideoligies to grasp on to that give us hope and that we all are semi-destined to certain lives and that we have to believe in our selves in order for our greatness to be fulfilled. Enough preaching from my ass just know i liked it and would recomend it without hesitation.


Blogger Drew said...

I thought this was Shamayalan's least interesting and most poorly edited film. He just shows too much here. It felt like a rough cut. There are some downright silly scenes as well that shouldn't have even made the DVD outtakes reel. Still the idea is very original and 80% of the story is told beautifully. Shamayalan seems to be taking less and less care with his writing. There are many contrivances in this script that are not masked nearly as delicately as in his other films. What he still does excellently is use the photography, lighting, music, and dialogue to advance the story. I recently watched The Village again. Originally I expected Roger Deakins to blow me away with the visuals but it's not really Deakins doing the shooting, it's Shamayalan. The second time around I began to appreciate what Shamayalan was trying to do to move the story. I think Shamayalan needs to review Mamet's book on directing. Mamet explains that stories are told on the cut. The cut represents what we don't see. What we don't see is the real story. Shamayalan used to be great at this. Lady in the Water is a nice bedtime story that doesn't let you use your imagination when it should.

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