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I Really enjoyed this film and would have no problem recommending it to Micheal Mann followers. I dont think it was as good as heat but it was good. Collin Farrell isn't horrible although his voice coach should jump into a volcano. HE tries to speak all gruff and such and its really forced. I dont care for Jamie Foxx but he's solid in this role, but then again it's not exactly Ray. The movie is alot faster paced than I expected it to be, I kinda thought it would be a little more Collateral and thankfully it's closer to the aforementioned Heat. The gun play was superb and I have now decided that anyone else that ever does a shootout scene needs to hire Mann to consult them, there are a couple in this film that are just vicious.

On a seperate note before it there were trailers for like 6 good lookin movies, Babel, The Departed, Black Dhalia, The Prestige, The Protector (Tony Jaa is a bad Mo' Fo' dont sleep, watch Ong Bak), and reportedly Jet Li's last kung fu epic Jet Li's Fearless, if you dont like kung fu films you wouldn't like the last two but I though they looked promising. The other three are must see's for my punk ass.


Blogger Jordan said...

I liked Miami Vice. I thought Jaimie Foxx and Colin Farrell were both really good. I didn't mind Colin's weird gravel voice too much - but I didn't notice it a few times.

My main problem was Gong Li. She's a good actress but her thick accent and the cultural distance that it created between herself and Farrell's character made their fast and intense love affair feel a little contrived and cheesy for me. The chemistry between them would be built up when they weren't talking and then she'd say something like, "I know where are best mojitos." And the chemistry would disipate.

I believed the romance in 'Heat' but not so much here. It wouldn't have bugged me so much but the story relied heavily on the love romance between the two characters. Other than that I liked the movie. Like Wes said great gun battles.

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Blogger seefilms said...

I was very excited about this film. However, I found that it disappointed me an literally EVERY level other than the music choices, some of the cinematography and occasionally, the editing.

I thought the story was poorly written. with no real intros to the characters, no actual arcs for them. I found myself not really caring about anything or anyone. I also found myself not believing anyone. Why is it that I can believe Star Wars... but not believe a movie about two cops in Miami?

Mann is one of my favorite directors. I could go on and on about nearly every one of his movies (part way into his very early TV movie Miracle Mile... so far, not so hot...but it's still early to tell.)

As for Gong Li... I love her. She really can't do anything wrong in my book. I had no problem with her accent or that she was Chinese (you had a problem with her being Chinese? lol)

But your point is valid. though i think it has less to do with Gong Li, and more to do simply with the story itself...
(Suddenly he decides he digs this girl and jeapordizes the entire mission??? Where does this come from? What scene was it made apparent that they REALLY dig each other? (I often call this the Fish Tank scene, ala Baz Lurhman's Romeo & Juliet). There was nothing like that here.
This movie was also completely humorless.
Honestly, I believe it was a misstep for Mann. I believe he took certian things for granted regarding the franchise...and yet, in the screenwriting and directed decided to stay as far away from the television show (except for the ridiculous jumps in logic (the fbi take them on and somehow they get carte blanche to run the thing? HAS ANYONE SEEN THE WIRE????? OR ANY GOOD LAW ENFORCEMENT SHOW OR MOVIE? HEAT IS A GOOD EXAMPLE)

No. As movies go... this movie was lacking...but okay.

As a Michael Mann movie: It sucked rotten cheese whiz.

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